Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Books

I have found that I am often asked what are my favorite books on Paganism or Witchcraft.  I guess having been a Pagan for so long, folks figure I have read quite a bit, and may actually have some good advice.  I have to admit I sometimes feel this is a loaded question.  Some books I have enjoyed would probably get me "run out of town" and some classics don't make the cut in my opinion.  So here is my list of five of my favorite authors and their books that I love.  These are NOT necessarily books I would put on a "must read list" if you were to ask what books I would suggest to someone who was just beginning to study.  These are simply the books that have spoken to me - the books that make me smile - the books that I thumb through time and time again when looking for inspiration. 

1.  Sybil Leek:  Diary of a Witch.  Published in 1969, I think I read it that year - and if not, certainly in 1970.  It's the book that changed my entire life.  It gave a name to what I was experiencing all along, and a direction to take it to the next level.  Though I think I read it at least 10 times throughout the 70's, I've not read it since.  Having read several other books that are now dated, I would hate to think that I would be disillusioned by the piece (after all, time changes everything).

2.  Pauline & Dan Campanelli: Wheel of the Year - Living The Magical Life and Ancient Ways: Reclaiming Pagan Traditions.  Who has read these books and not wanted to live as they do?  LOL.  They make you yearn for a simple lifestyle in a cottage somewhere.  Both books can be used to help inspire Sabbat celebrations, and keep your journey throughout the year on track.  These books are the ones I love to read on a stormy night by the fireplace...alot like the cover of Wheel of the Year!  They make me smile.

3.  Phyllis Curott:  Book of Shadows and Witch Crafting A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic .  Book of Shadows tells the story of Ms. Curott's personal journey into Paganism, Witchcraft and her relationship with the Goddess.  IMHO, it is required reading for anyone serious about pursuing this path.  It's a great read, refreshing and so different from the other cookie cutter books on Paganism and Witchcraft.  I am in the middle of Witch Crafting right now, and it's wonderful.  This is the "how to" book I wish I had read right after Diary of a Witch!

4.  Marion Green - A Witch Alone - Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic.  In my opnion, one of the best books to use if one is following a solitary path.  I really liked the exercises she includes at the end of each chapter, and the reading list that accompanies it.

5.  Shekhinah Mountainwater: Ariadne's Thread: A Workbook of Goddess Magic.  One of the best books to use for Goddess Studies.  Great for solitaires, great for women spiritual groups, just plain great.  I've used this book countless times to fill a small basket with questions that my coven uses to spark discussions.