Friday, February 24, 2012

To Dare

If you have been spell crafting for awhile, you probably have heard the term “To Know, To Dare, To Will and To Keep Silent.”  You may have even seen it with Will and Dare reversed.  It is a worthy guideline to help ensure a successful magickal working.  Most of it is pretty straightforward.

To Know - You have to know exactly what you want to accomplish.  The more precise you can be, the greater the likelihood that you will get what you want.  Write it down and be as specific as possible.  Draw your goal – or use another art form - if it helps to see it clearly.  Keep it in a positive light.  Know exactly what you are going to do in creating the spell.  Gather whatever materials you will need so everything is in order before you begin.

To Will – You have to want it.  The more emotionally attached you are to the goal; the better your chances to succeed.  Use whatever tools or visualization techniques you need to raise that emotional energy and awareness.  All the candles and rhymes won’t mean a thing if you don’t care.  Find that connection that will lift your spirits or tug at your heart strings.

To Keep Silent – Once the spell is done, let it go and let the universe take over.  Don’t talk about it, and certainly don’t dwell on it internally.  Take what steps you need to help it along, but do it with the mindset that it is all part of the course of the spell.  For example, if you cast a spell to win the lottery, it is okay to actually buy a lottery ticket and put it in your wallet and forget about it until after the drawing.  It is not okay to tell everyone that you cast a spell to win millions.  (We do all know that for the most part, spells for winning the lottery don’t work, right?)

That leaves To Dare.  It is the most complicated of the four in my opinion because it has more complex levels to it.  First of all, you have to dare to do the spell.  There is a reason you have to be precise in what you want to accomplish, careful in your choice of words.  You don’t want the universe to misunderstand and have the spell totally backfire.  Spells can be nerve-racking.  It’s an excellent reason to keep spells as simple and clear as possible. 

Second, you have to dare to follow through.  Do everything you can to make it work.  You may have crafted a beautiful spell to find a better job with higher pay in an industry you adore, but if you don’t polish up your resume, brush up on your skills, watch the classified ads and let those who can help you know that you are looking for another position; it’s probably not going to go very far.

Lastly, you have to dare to accept responsibility for the outcome of the spell – and accept the outcome itself.  Remember the adage “Be careful what you wish for.”  If the spell is a disaster, what are you going to do to fix it?  Will you have the courage to accept the results because upon reflection the outcome is really for the best?  If the results are okay, but not quite what you wanted, was it something you did to change the outcome or is the universe setting you up for something that is for your higher good?  Do you dare wait to find out?  If that job offer for a higher paying position comes through, do you dare accept it knowing that you will have to move 150 miles away from your family and friends?

To Know, To Dare, To Will and To Keep Silent.  Use those words as a template as you begin to put your spell together.  I would really focus on To Dare.  If you visualize every scenario and picture yourself facing each one with courage, it will aid in putting together a successful working.